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eaa3a-teapot2bcover2bfinalFor those of you who did not take the opportunity to download a free Kindle copy of TERROR IN A TEAPOT, it is still a bargain at $2.99. Also available in paperback and audio. Many thanks to everyone who has either downloaded this book during the promotion or purchased it.

The Kindc5d84-corpse2bcover-final2bthumbnaille edition of the first book in the Silver Sisters Mysteries series, Award-Winning A CORPSE IN THE SOUP, will be FREE on Amazon from January 21-23, 2015. Here is the link to an EXCERPT to pique your interest.

It is also available in paperback and audio. It was named Best Mystery Audio Book by USA Book News.

Watch for the third book, VANISHING ACT IN VEGAS early in 2015.


What fun. I friended Outback Steakhouse on Twitter. I also posted that Goldie & Godiva were spotted at Outback Steakhouse. Outback tweeted back, wondering if they solved a mystery over a Bloomin’ Onion. They had lobster, but you can read all about it in Chapter 24 of Vanishing Act in Vegas.

Thanks for the Tween, Outback.

When Morgan St. James and Phyllice Bradner decided to write a mystery back in the mid 90s, they had no idea it would evolve into a funny, award-winning series.

They were both published writers but neither had written fiction. However, they shared a love of funny mysteries and figured writing a book would be a snap. After completing what they thought was a manuscript that could trigger a bidding war, they discovered the heartbreak of rejection notices. Thanks to the comment from one agent, they worked with a manuscript consultant for a year to learn the ins and outs of writing fiction. The result was A CORPSE IN THE SOUP, named Best Mystery Audio Book 2007 by USA Book News.

The Silver Sisters are over-the-hill antique shop owner Goldie Silver who lives in Juneau, Alaska and Beverly Hills advice columnist Godiva Olivia DuBois whose column “Ask G.O.D.” (her initials) has gained a national following. They have an innate talent for finding trouble.

Although they are identical silver-haired Mae West lookalikes on the outside, they are at opposite poles on the inside.

Sweet, caring Goldie is the “salt of the earth” and would put a bug outside rather that kill it. Godiva is self-serving and manipulative, although she does have a kind heart below the surface. Goldie dresses in layers of vintage clothing while Godiva is a fashionista.

Add their eighty-year-old mother Flossie and Uncle Sterling to the mix and you have the recipe for non-stop fun and sleuthing. These elderly former vaudeville magicians are crafty and constantly defy their daughter’s demands to butt out. They love to go on “undercover missions” dressed in outlandish disguises and frequently turn up valuable clues. The quartet often find themselves in hot water.

This cast of zany characters have now starred in three novels, A CORPSE IN THE SOUP, SEVEN DEADLY SAMOVARS and VANISHING ACT IN VEGAS, ¬†with a fourth in the works, so get your eBook, Kindle or paperback and prepare to laugh while trying to figure out whodunit or whydunit. They are all stand-alones, so you don’t have to read one to know what’s happening in another.