They don't go looking for trouble–It finds them!

Born just after midnight on New Years Day 1950, Kind, Loving Goldie Silver is “The Salt of the Earth”
An aging hippie, Goldie lives in Juneau, Alaska with her husband “Red” Pepper, a cruise ship captain. She has a sweet, giving personality–cautious but level headed and is the proprietor of the Silver Spoon Antique Shoppe.
Like her mother Flossie, Goldie believes strongly in astrology and tarot cards and tends to be just a bit psychic. She dresses in layers of vintage clothes that Godiva says look like tablecloths and Goodwill.
Her daughter Chili, a beautiful girl with flaming red hair and a degree from Cordon Bleu, is an aspiring chef. Her flamboyant mother-in-law Belle Pepper, is a wealthy Juneau character rumored to have made her money as a madam back in the day.

Born just before midnight on New Years Eve 1949, Selfish,Scheming Godiva “A Force to be Reckoned With”
A wealthy Beverly Hills widow, Godiva has a keen taste for designer clothes. She lives on an estate with her son, “Torch”, who is an FX man, specializing in pyrotechnics, the twins’ widowed Jewish mother, Flossie, and their cantankerous Uncle Sterling. In SEVEN DEADLY SAMOVARS, Torch moves to Las Vegas.
She writes the advice column, Ask God. Godiva is selfish and manipulative–the exact opposite of Goldie. She complains about the daily avalanche of mail she receives since her column went from a feature in the Beverly Hills Blabbermouth to national syndication, but loves the celebrity.


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