They don't go looking for trouble–It finds them!

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New Silver Sisters escapade Coming Soon!



Watch out – They’re coming

Those zany twins, Goldie the over-the-hill flower child from Juneau, Alaska and her sister Godiva Olivia DuBois, the syndicated advice to the lovelorn columnist from Beverly Hills – will be at it again with unwanted help from their 81 year old mother Flossie and Uncle Sterling, former vaudeville magicians.

It’s coming soon, and to kick it off, we will be offering the Kindle edition FREE on Amazon for a limited time. This time the Silver Sisters are tracking the bumbling, but dangerous, Dumkovsky brothers from Juneau, Alaska to Seattle to Beverly Hills, leaving a trail of bodies and robberies behind. This whodunit is funny, fast-moving, and filled with twists and turns.

If you’re just discovering the Silver Sisters, check out the Award-Winning first book, A CORPSE IN THE SOUP, available in paperback, Kindle, CD and MP3.


Highlighted Author Morgan St. James was interviewed on Highlighted Author, and talked about “A Corpse in the Soup.” She answered several of Jo Grafford’s questions and talked about how she became a writer basically by accident.

Check out the interview.

“ The plot moves along crisply, offering plenty of red herrings, and is twisty enough to provide a good whodunit.” ~Christy Tillery French to download your copy

Watch the trailer — download your FREE copy while you can. Remember,


And, please remember, we appreciate each and every review. The series will continue with TERROR IN A TEAPOT late this year.


Some chefs will do anything to win the GREATEST GOURMET GLADIATOR medal—even MURDER!


5.0 out of 5 stars Gastronomic delight for the mystery reader both body and soul!

This review is from: A Corpse in the Soup: A Silver Sisters Mystery (Silver Sisters Mysteries Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

Happiness can be found in the soup bowl fouled by a dead chef…or would that be Fowled? The sisters write an outrageously witty, break neck adventure that can be likened to doing Top Chef blindfolded with blow torches! You will hold your breath, laugh at ridiculously clever characters and wonder if aerobics with chicken parts might actually be feasible!
I don’t often venture into this genre, I am a Ellery Queen, Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes fan. However these authors do credit to the field of clever mystery writing with admirable flare! The Silver sisters are going to be my go to solution for bad days, unruly recipes gone amok and brain stimulating reads. Do yourself and your mystery loving palettes a service; READ THIS BOOK!!! You won’t be disappointed by anything except the unyielding craving you will have for more and the potential time lapse between finishing this book and picking up the next! Bravo, five stars and Mangia, Mangia!!! Eat until you burst!

Morgan StPointing Chef B&W. James and Phyllice Bradner’s delightful novel, A Corpse in the Soup, is a delicious cook’s tour through what can only be called a smorgasbord of murder and mayhem in the wacky world of professional chefs.
~Gayle Bartos-Pool, Author – Johnny Casino Casebook series

All formats have now been released on Amazon, Audible and Books in Motion. The new 2nd edition of A CORPSE IN THE SOUP is now available in Kindle, paperback, MP3 and CD. All but the CD edition can be found on Amazon. The CD edition is on Books in Motion.

The paperback is currently also on Barnes & Noble and many other online booksellers. Watch for more digital platforms like Nook, Kobo, Ipad by the end of the year.


ImageAs we approach the end of June, publication of the paperback edition of A CORPSE IN THE SOUP is right on track. It will be released tomorrow and should be available for purchase on Amazon and other online booksellers by the first week in July. All of your favorite characters are back in full force!

The zany Silver Sisters , Goldie Silver–an over-the-hill flower child with a heart of gold who owns an antique store in Juneau, Alaska and her conniving identical  twin, wealth widow Godiva Olivia DuBois who writes the syndicated advice column “Ask G.O.D.” and lives on an estate in Beverly Hills, CA. Then there is their feisty 80 year old mother, Flossie Silver, who was married to the twins’ father, the late Harry Silver, one of the “Three Great Harry’s of Magic,” and his brother, also 80 years old, Sterling Silver who pictures himself as the voice of reason in this zany family. Flossie and Sterling, who were part of Harry’s world-renowned magic act, still perform their act every Thursday at the Hollywood Home for Has-Beens.

Together this foursome have a nose for mystery and solving crimes even though there are often backfires in their sleuthing. They don’t go looking for trouble–it finds them and they can’t resist a good sleuthing opportunity.

A CORPSE IN THE SOUP is the first book to be re-released in the Silver Sisters Mysteries series. You will also meet four competing celebrity chefs who are fighting tooth and nail in the over-the-top televised Greatest Gourmet Gladiator Tournament. One will wind up literally “in the soup.” Caesar Romano–the romantic chef–defends his title against Biff Wellington–the Aerobic Chef–who exercises while cooking, Moishe Matsumoto–the King of Kosher Sushi and Toulouse Jankowski–the Polish Cajun.

Fast and furious fun with lots of twists and turns as the Silver family is hot on the trail of the killer.

PAPERBACK (available first week in July)  $14.95   KINDLE EDITION (currently available) $2.99