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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Sadly, Linda Houle, one of the partners in our longtime publisher for the Silver Sisters Mysteries, L&L Dreamspell, lost her battle with cancer last month. RIP, Linda. Her partner and best friend, Lisa Smith, was so devastated by the loss she opted to shut down the company and return rights to their books to 200 authors.

It will take a little time, but we are slowly moving the series to a new publisher (soon to be announced) that is a perfect fit for those zany twins and their equally zany Mother Flossie and Uncle Sterling Silver – 80 year old former vaudeville magicians

Corpse Cover-2

The books will be slightly edited, affording us the opportunity to change a few of those “I wish I had written it this way” passages that authors always seem to see after the book is published and seek out those demon typos or misspellings that somehow sneak past even the most astute editors. We will have a new look for the covers as well, but the Silver Sisters antics, creative names and crazy backfires will still keep coming. Here is a rough draft of the new cover for A Corpse in the Soup to give you an idea of the new look.

The paperbacks will still be for sale on Amazon during this transition, as long as stock lasts. However, the Kindle editions were taken down immediately upon the closing of L&L Dreamspell, so they will be reissued by the new publisher one-by-one beginning with A CORPSE IN THE SOUP. Next will be SEVEN DEADLY SAMOVARS with the new title of TERROR IN A TEAPOT, and finally VANISHING ACT IN VEGAS.

For you Silver Sisters fans, don’t despair. A new adventure is in work and we hope to have it out in 2014. So many people have written to say how much they love Flossie and Sterling, that they will have much bigger featured roles in DIAMONDS IN THE DUMPSTER as they encounter murder on the high seas aboard the cruise ship Aurora Borealis captained by Goldie’s husband, Red Pepper.